Testing & Commissioning

Logistic Solar performs these checks in accordance with the technical standards IEC 62446-1 and IEC TS 62446-3, where we provide the following services:

Virtual inspection of the following parts of the system:

  1. Solar panels and their compatibility with international and local standards.

  2. Inverters / transformers and their compliance with international and local standards.

  3. The metal structure carrying the system, in terms of engineering design and compliance with local specifications and codes.

  4. Constant current cables in terms of design and safety of extensions.

  5. AC cables, in terms of design and safety of extensions.

Constant current check and related matters:

  1. Inspect the integrity of the grounding and the ground structure (Ω).

  2. Check the connection of the grounding system to the plate-bearing structure  and reverse devices.

  3. Insulation check of DC cables.

  4. Polarity check.

  5. Open circuit voltage check.

  6. Isc . Short Current Check

Checking alternating currents and power quality:

  • AC cable insulation check.

  • Check the duration of the examination and connection to reverse devices.

  • Capacity quality check.

  • Check voltage 

  • Check the outgoing current.

  • Power factor check.

  • THD test  .

  • Check the total capacity and energy released.

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